Manager’s Welcome


The opportunity to educate other people’s children is a rare privilege and a huge responsibility. At Swami Dayananda SSCP Inter College we take this responsibility extremely seriously. Our aim is to provide the best all-round and wholesome education possible turning it into a life-long pursuit for our students. Education is indeed life itself and we do care about the quality of life our children will have during the school-time as well as once their school years are over.

We live in a very dynamic and exciting time which means that providing a well-rounded, outstanding and progressive education is of more importance than ever. The College provides an excellent opportunity for our young students in terms of educating and training them in a wide number of academic disciplines.

Our students consistently achieve excellent results in all the areas of the curriculum which gives them access to higher education in India and abroad. At the same time, this is just one of the aspects of education as our kids are encouraged and supported to show Ambition and Talent both within and beyond the classroom.

Happy children are more likely to be successful in life, therefore, the progressive years should be fun. Our responsibility at Swami Dayananda SSCP College is to bring out this joy of learning and discovering, broaden a child’s interests and develop his/her personal qualities. We cultivate confidence, tolerance and integrity, promote creativity and develop the communication skills, encourage team-work and social responsibility, all of which help develop the open-minded mentality so that the children are ready to make a positive contribution to a wider community.

We are committed to making quality education accessible to children from all walks of life, whatever their background and financial status.

College education is the foundation, the very core which helps to mould a child’s whole life, and I am extremely fortunate to be part of this memorable quality time that we can share.

Best Regards,
Swami Santatmananda
(Manager & Director)