The College is committed to providing a rigorous academic and intellectual education which will challenge and engage pupils, offer continuity, and progression of learning to foster a life-long love of learning for brighter futures and provide them with a secure foundation on which to continue into Higher Education and into the careers of their choice.
All pupils of compulsory College age receive a full-time supervised education. The College provides a broad and balanced curriculum for all children, which is differentiated to meet individual needs and abilities. We aim to create an environment that meets the needs of each student ensuring that all children have equal access to the curriculum. All children and their parents or carers are encouraged to be fully involved in their learning.

This education is intended to give pupils knowledge and experience in linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical and aesthetic and creative aspects. All pupils study a core curriculum of Mathematics, English, Hindi and Science. English is the medium of instruction throughout the College. Hindi and Sanskrit are are introduced as second language in Primary and Middle School.

Courses of Study

Based on the results of Class X board examinations the College makes it possible for students to take subjects across the two streams: Science and Commerce, in preparation for the College-leaving final board examination held at the end of Class XII. A large selection of subjects is offered at this level, namely Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, History, Environmental Studies, Economics, Business Studies, Accounts, English and Hindi.
The overall students’ assessment is 20% internal (internal assignments, conduct in the class, etc.) and 80% based on exam results.
The College wishes to offer its students the widest possible opportunity to develop their areas of interest and therefore

makes every effort to cater to an individual’s special requirements by accommodating subjects in a wide variety of combinations.
All curriculum subject matter is appropriate for the age and aptitudes of the pupils in each College year, including any pupils with special needs/disability whose needs are reviewed annually. There is a Learning Support team for children with specific educational needs. All the College-children are assessed when they first arrive and, where appropriate, given extra help.
In extreme cases of learning difficulty the child and his/her parents are offered the services of our College Counsellor/Psychologist to help determine specific learning problems and how these might be dealt with.