Dance is poetry expressed in motion, it is a non-verbal expression of one’s thoughts and feelings through movement. Through dance one can narrate a story without uttering a single word. Graceful movements coordinated with music are a powerful outlet for expression for the performer and a generator of easthetic pleasure for the audience. Dance is a different learning experience for children. It’s physical, and it gives the students sort of a mental break.

Classical, folk and contemporary dances are taught in Swami Dayananda SSCP College by a qualified dance instructor during the College hours. College-children eagerly engage in performing at various College functions as well as inter-College competitions.


Our annual College performances reinforce the dance program’s curriculum and give a transparent view of what skills and great qualities the students are taught. There is a sense of accomplishment shared between the students, teachers and their parents that manifests and carries on long after the performance is over.

With the incorporation of dance in the College system, the improvements in students’ College work and attitude toward studying are commendable. Our idea is to bridge dance practice and scholarship and to foster interdisciplinary inquiry. Being committed to innovative learning we continually re-examine our curriculum in order to prepare both young and mature aspirants for careers in the ever-evolving field of Performing Arts.