Committed and professional teaching and non-teaching staff are the chief asset in guaranteeing the quality of education at Swami Dayananda SSCP Inter College. The physical environment in which the staff and school-children operate is important too, both in attracting and retaining them as well as in facilitating the teaching-learning process and enhancing the efficiency of information sharing and processing.

Our development programme ensures that the School buildings are periodically modernized. Within the buildings themselves, the provision of the right equipment and the appropriate use of the modern computer-technology are seen as high priorities. The clear objectives are to allow us at all times to deploy best practice in our teaching and to provide for appropriate out-of-school use by our students.


The School is located in an Eco-friendly, pollution-free environment, its ambience being conducive to the well-being of both the children as well as the staff-members. The School buildings overlooking the picturesque green hills have a modern architecture, providing for the user-friendly and comfortable studying and working conditions.

Smart Class Rooms

The School provides for the spacious user-friendly air-conditioned classrooms equipped with all the required materials and audio-visual aids assisting in the teaching and learning process. The curriculum incorporates interactive teaching-learning methodologies which facilitate the classes and break the monotony of traditional learning patterns. Our “smart” class-rooms are equipped with Tata Class Edge digital systems – the modern technology supporting teachers in helping students construct their knowledge by involving them in learning. The number of students in each class is restricted, which makes it possible for a teacher to give individual attention to each student. The class-room furniture is custom-made to cater for the needs of the students of various age-groups.

Computer Labs

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” – Bill Gates

The School runs two well-equipped computer labs. Professional teachers and assistants train the students in the latest advancements in technology and computing. Beginning with junior classes we focus on keyboarding, word processing and internet skills.

The computer labs are equipped with the following facilities:

  • Multimedia systems
  • 54” LCD monitors
  • Supervised, fast Internet connection round the clock
  • Online UPS for system backup
  • Networking environment
  • A vast collection of educational software, catering to various subjects, for the use of teachers and students.

Computers are used as a means to learn other subjects as well. When students reach middle and high school, they continue learning how to conduct effective research using the Internet and how to use free online tools to facilitate the learning.

Science Lab

Science is introduced for senior classes in a wide range programme covering Physics, Chemistry and Biology. State-of-the-art science labs encourage the students to learn through experiments. From the basis of electronics and other science-related activities, they enthuse a child’s mind towards innovation and invention.
Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for these laboratories.


Our library is housing over two thousand books and study materials and is a Real Resource Centre for both the Teachers and the Students. Catering for the wide-variety of demands, it is a welcoming place for reading and studying, preparing for classes and life skills. The School library staff assists the users in the selection of the study materials and other information services ranging from fictional to documentary, from print to electronic. All that is done to enthuse the young minds to develop and fulfil their potential. The library operation hours are arranged in such a way as to provide the time slots for each class. This promotes the ability for independent (self) study and dissemination in the selection of appropriate information resources.

Activity Center

A wide range of co-curricular activities is offered to the students to ensure their wholesome, all round development. These activities are incorporated into their academic timetable, whereby they have an opportunity to learn the basics of these skills by being exposed to them regularly.

Our Activity Center is an environment for creativity boost and talent nurture. The children are engaged in arts, music, dance and crafts. The School lays great emphasis on inculcating in its students the Indian cultural heritage and tradition by learning the traditional musical instruments and dance and performing at the School events dedicated to various national festive occasions.


The pre-primary stage is the foundation of every child’s education. This is the time when a child is introduced to the basic skills of learning through the play-way method. The subjects taught at the Pre-School classes include English, Hindi, and Numbers. Environment awareness is developed through discussion, project work, demonstrations and excursions. A lot of Emphasis is given to the Creative Arts and Physical Education.

Pre-School section is the hub of activities with specially designed activity rooms. The Activity Rooms are stocked with educational play systems, toys and games that help the child to enhance the cognitive, problem solving, motor and muscular skills.

Yoga And Sport

At Swami Dayananda SSCP College we are dedicated to promoting the clean and healthy life-style and a holistic approach to physical fitness among both the students and the teachers. Yoga and physical drills are compulsory activities. Children are engaged in a number of outdoor and indoor group sports events including cricket, volleyball, badminton, shuttle, carrom, chess and table-tennis. The School provides for a synthetic surface volley-ball court.


Swami Dayananda Saraswati Sukhanand Public Educational Society runs a Hostel for boys from the disaster-affected regions of Garhwal.
The Hostel is located just across the School premises in a modern block equipped with all the required facilities. Currently there are 40 children,  in given course, the building will be expanded to accommodate 100 children.
Apart from compulsory School attendance the Hostel children are given special tutorials and training in a number of subjects by the eminent teachers after the School-hours.
Nutritious food, study materials, books, clothes, uniform, etc, are being provided to the kids by the Society.


The School provides transport facilities to all the students from the junior to the senior classes. This ensures comfortable hassle-free travel and timely pick up and drop-off, of the children before and after the School hours.
Use of the School bus is optional, however, we encourage all to avail this facility to avoid traffic congestion and reduce the carbon footprint.

Achievement at Swami Dayanda SSCP School is encouraged and recognized by an extensive set of academic prizes (for more details visit our Scholarships page). This achievement is often stimulated by the many distinguished guest- speakers who come to the School to give talks on an number of educational and cultural topics. It is helped too by the various expeditions into the wider world which are organized during the holidays – some of these have entirely academic aims and may indeed be part of the syllabus requirements of particular subjects, some are intended to foster other skills and enthusiasms.